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What is underwriting?
A third party that has voluntarily contributed cash to finance, in whole or in part, the production of a program. Money from such sources used for the research and development of Pemi Baker TV programming. Federal law requires that those who helped pay for a broadcast be disclosed on the air at the time of the broadcast. (per PBS)

Why become an underwriter?
Underwriters/sponsors benefit from the “halo effect” of being associated with Panhandle PBS and its mission to serve the community. Nearly 85% of consumers believe such marketing creates a positive image for underwriters/sponsors. About 75% of PBS viewers believe that PBS underwriters/sponsors are committed to quality and excellence and almost two-thirds of PBS viewers are more likely to purchase the product or service of a PBS underwriter/sponsor. (Source: Roper Worldwide; PBS Image Study)

Building a relationship
Pemi Baker TV provides a unique marking opportunity for local businesses, non-profits, and individuals that otherwise would not be able to advertise with cable networks. On Pemi Baker TV, underwriters build a relationship with the Plymouth community and the ten towns we broadcast to.

Guidelines for On-Air Messages
FCC Requirements: From the FCC’s standpoint, the purpose served by underwriting credits is to identify the funder in the interests of full disclosure, not to promote the funder or its products and services. At the same time, however, the FCC has indicated that it will rely on the good faith determinations of public broadcasters in interpreting the FCC’s non commercialization guidelines. (Per

Your message can contain the following:

  • Value-neutral descriptions of a product line or service
  • Brand and trade names and product or service listings
  • Visual depictions of specific products
  • Locational information, including telephone number and website address
  • Logos and/or slogans that identify but do not promote

Underwriting messages may not include:

  • Call to action
  • Superlative description or qualitative claim about the company, its products, or its service
  • Direct comparison with other companies, or with other companies’ products or services
  • Price or value information
  • Inducements to buy, sell, rent, or lease
  • Endorsements
  • Demonstrations of consumer satisfaction

More information about underwriting guidelines can be found by visiting the FCC website.

Benefits of underwriting

  • Clickable link on the PBTV website
  • Framed logo on the wall outside of the studio
  • Televised bulletin board (at least 10 times per day, usually more)
  • Logo and/or slogan at the beginning of underwritten programs
  • Up to 30-second branding video on Channel 1302 (4 times a day)
    • Must follow FCC guidelines listed above
  • Free year-long membership (if outside of Plymouth)

For more information about becoming an underwriter of Pemi Baker TV, please contact Dan Salzer at 603-536-8116 or email